My mother/father passed away very recently. What information do I need to give your office?

From the list of Benefit Processing Assistants below, find the one who serves all retirees with the first letter of your last name (in parentheses): 1-443-391-xxxx

  • Christina Rasmussen x7316 (T, U, V, W, H)
  • Vernon Rogers x7320 (A, B, F, I)
  • Monica Johnson x7324 (Applications)
  • Shirley Jones x7317 (G, J, K, L)
  • Sharon Kuykendall x7318 (M, N, O P)
  • Joyce Macatiag x7319 (Q, R, S)
  • Karin Dortch x7321 (X, Y, Z)
  • Vanessa Gaitan x7324
  • Joyce Macatiag x7319 (Q,R,S)
  • Tara Mead x7313 (C,D,E)