Custodial Care

Custodial Care means care that helps a person conduct such common activities as bathing, eating, dressing or getting in and out of bed. It is care that can be provided by people without medical or paramedical certification or license. Custodial care also includes care that is primarily for the purpose of separating a patient from others, or for preventing a patient from harming himself or herself. Custodial care and services are services and supplies that are furnished mainly to train or assist a person in personal hygiene and other activities of daily living rather than to provide therapeutic treatment. Activities of daily living includes such things as bathing, feeding, dressing, walking, and taking oral medicines and any other services which can safely and adequately be provided by persons without the technical skills of a nurse or healthcare professional. Such care is considered to be custodial regardless of who recommends, provides or directs the care, where the care is provided and whether or not the individual family member can be or is being trained to care for him or herself. The Plan also considers any care or services to be custodial if they are or would be considered custodial for Medicare purposes.