As a retiree, you may have questions we can answer or confusions we can clear up. The sections below will take you easily and quickly to the information you need.

Defined Benefit Plan

The Defined Benefit Plan (DB) is the “legacy” pension plan that applies to a retiree’s service for the Seventh-day Adventist Church in North America through the year 1999.

It’s a plan you fall under if you qualify in one of the following two categories:

  • Employees of the General Conference headquarters, North American Division
  • Interdivision employees sent from a) the North American Division, b) General Conference institutions located within the North American Division, c) Union Conferences and local conferences and their institutions in the United States and Bermuda (with the exception of employees of health care institutions)

The Defined Benefit Plan guarantees a set amount that you, as a vested employee, will receive post-retirement, regardless of the performance of pension investments. [By contrast, the Church’s Defined Contribution Plan (DC)—which applies to a retiree’s service after 1999—specifies only the contributions the Church will make for each eligible employee.]

This DB Plan ceased to function for purposes of earning service credit on January 1, 2000 except for specific exceptions that are spelled out in the Plan document.  All the service credit you earned before that date will be “frozen” until you become eligible for retirement benefits.

Need more information or assistance? These resources can help:

  • If you are a minister who wishes to designate distributions made from the Adventist Retirement Plan as Parsonage Allowance, download this form. DOWNLOAD
  • If you are a retired minister who wants assistance in preparing your tax returns, download this Retired Ministers Tax Advisory. DOWNLOAD
  • If you need to report a death, contact the Adventist Retirement office as soon as possible at
  • If you need to report a change in your marital status, please email your information to  or fax or mail it to our office (address and fax are listed below). Please include the following information in your correspondence: your name; your Social Security Number (SSN); your new spouse’s name; your new spouse’s SSN; your date of marriage. Also indicate whether your new spouse already receives benefits from NAD Adventist Retirement.

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