When a retiree, employee or your own Human Resources team needs information and guidance, it’s critical to have the facts at hand. Click on the sections below and you will find the rules and terms for our retiree plans, important documents and required forms, answers to common questions, and more.


I am a payroll contact person.  What information do I need from Adventist Retirement Plan?

Please download and read the Adventist Retirement Plan (ARP) Administrative Manual. You should contact ARP for a logon to the ARP Upload website at arp.help@nadadventist.org . In addition, you should read our EPCRS Webinar handout, Make-Up Contribution and Overpayment spreadsheets, and ARP Payroll Export File Definition document. All of these items can be downloaded on our website.

I am a payroll contact person.  Who should I contact at Adventist Retirement Plan? 

How do I process a Make-Up Contribution?

Please download the Make-Up Contribution spreadsheet and follow the instructions on the second tab.

How do I process an Overpayment?

Please download the Overpayments spreadsheet and follow the instructions on the second tab.

When are my Adventist Retirement Plan payroll file and funds due?

Payroll information and funds must be transmitted to the Adventist Retirement Plan’s Upload Website within seven (10) days of the date of distribution of your payroll (the “pay date” or the date printed on a paper check).

How do I know how to format my Adventist Retirement Plan payroll file?

Please use the ARP Payroll Export File Definition document to format your file. Whenever a change is made to the file specifications, the payroll center contact person will be notified.

How can I send my payroll file to Adventist Retirement Plan?

The payroll center contact will be given a logon to our ARP Upload site https://arp.advret.org/users/sign_in. If you need to change the logon for your payroll center, please contact arp.help@nadadventist.org. Only one logon is provided to each payroll center.

How do I send funds for my file to Adventist Retirement Plan?

You can fund your file either by EFT, Web Cash Concentration, or Wire. Your funds should arrive at ARP no later than within seven (7) calendar days of the pay date. To request a new Web Cash Concentration account, please contact arp.help@nadadventist.org.