When a retiree, employee or your own Human Resources team needs information and guidance, it’s critical to have the facts at hand. Click on the sections below and you will find the rules and terms for our retiree plans, important documents and required forms, answers to common questions, and more.


Defined Contribution Plan 

The Defined Contribution (DC) Plan is the “new” retirement plan that became effective January 1, 2000 when the Defined Benefit (DB) plan was frozen. The primary purpose of the DC Plan is to provide retirement income for the employees of participating employers and their beneficiaries. The contributions that an employee and employer make to the Plan, and the earnings on those contributions, are designed to provide a significant portion of financial security in retirement.

An employee may make deferral contributions to this plan.

An eligible employee may also receive employer contributions to the Plan if they meet the following criteria:

  • An employee of the U.S. Seventh-day Adventist Church entity as listed in the SDA Yearbook or an interdivision missionary from the United States sent by the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists.
  • 20 years of age or older
  • NOT a student employee working for an Adventist educational institution

There are different eligibility requirements for employer contributions depending on which of the two retirement benefit options the employer has elected.

There may be employees who will be eligible for both DB and DC benefits. This will require that the employees meet the eligibility requirements for each.

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Need more information or assistance? These resources can help:

  • 2017 Contribution Limits Calculator download
  • ARP Admin Manual download
  • ARP Data Manager – Click here
  • ARP DC Export File Specification Final Required 8/01/2017 XLSX download
  • ARP Error Check Criteria download
  • ARP Legal Plan Document download
  • GMM Legal Plan Document download
  • ARP Upload Website – Click here
  • Beneficiary Affidavit download
  • Delinquency Protocol download
  • Distribution Limits Grid download
  • Make-Up Contributions Form download
  • Overpayments Form download
  • Parsonage Allowance Designation download
  • Retirement Allowance Incoming Direct Rollover download
  • Special Pay Retirement Allowance Form download
  • Statement of Fund Selection download
  • Summary Plan Description download (under revision)
  • T, R, D Code Submission older than 12 months download

Empower Retirement Resources

  • Empower Retirement Website (account balance, projected retirement income, investment options) www.participant.empower-retirement.com
  • Empower Retirement Website Registration Instructions download
  • Empower Retirement Call Center (loans, hardships, withdrawals) 1-866-467-7756
  • Empower Retirement Rep Visit Request download
  • Empower Retirement Sample QDRO download

Adventist Retirement Plan Contacts