When a retiree, employee or your own Human Resources team needs information and guidance, it’s critical to have the facts at hand. Click on the sections below and you will find the rules and terms for our retiree plans, important documents and required forms, answers to common questions, and more.


Employees who are enrolled—or may be considering enrolling—in the Supplemental Healthcare Adventist Retirement Plan (SHARP) often have basic questions about the Plan. What are the rules for contributing to this self-funding plan? What are the healthcare benefits and how are they coordinated with their Medicare benefits? To be able to answer these and other questions about SHARP, CLICK HERE >

Defined Benefit Plan

This plan applies to denominational service up through the year 1999.  What happens if an employee’s or retiree’s service began before December 31, 1999 but continued after? If they left denominational employment before retirement, do they still get these defined benefits? How are these monthly benefits calculated? For answers to these and other questions you may face about the Defined Benefit Plan, CLICK HERE >

Defined Contribution Plan

This plan applies to denominational service after the year 1999. At retirement, what options do employees have for withdrawing funds from the account set up for them? What are the tax implications when they take distribution of their funds? What limits are placed on withdrawing funds?  For answers to these and other questions that employees might have about the Defined Contribution Plan, CLICK HERE >